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- In teaching others, we teach ourselves -

Thank you for visitng my website and taking interest to read about me. My intention of this website is to explore various functions and features of rdbms softwares and share my knowledge to the world. 



About me -

I'm a DRE, DMA and a DBA. Simply a data nerd.  

I love working and exploring new techs specialised in Oracle Database technologies. Luckily got my hands on other dbms softwares like Informix, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL and ELK stack, and would love to touch others as situations arrives... 

Worked on Appliances like Netezza and Exadata X8 machines as well. 

Graduation -

  • Bachelor of Technology (Engineering in Computer Science) - 2007

  • Master of Business Administration (Systems) - 2018

My Certifications -

  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Associate - 2008

  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional - 2008

  • ITIL V3 Foundation - 2010

  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional - 2018

  • Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator - 2018

  • Google Cloud certified - Professional Cloud Architect - 2020

  • Google Cloud certified - Professional Cloud Database Engineer - 2023

Specialising in -


Oracle Core Database 

Real Application Clusters



Performance Tuning

Backup and Recovery

DR setup

Data Optimisations

Data Encryption


Other TechStacks




Redis (In-Memory)



Database Appliances

Netezza (IBM PureData Systems)

Oracle Exadata X8

Cloud Computing

Google Cloud Platform 

Google CloudSQL

Google AlloyDB

Amazon Web Services


AWS DocumentDB

Oracle on EC2 instance (Active Data Guard)

Oracle RAC (on FlashGrid)


Conference and Lectures - 

My Sites and personal Profiles - 

- MySite

- MyBlog

- LinkedIn

- Facebook

- Twitter

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